Operating under the name Puppetsquid, I began working for small animation studios in and around Manchester's Northern Quarter in early twenty-twelve and, thanks to our narrow escape with the mayan calendar that same year, I have continued to do so since.

Prior to this I had dabbled in many different fields, gaining minor stage, radio, television, and film work while also maintaining decent grades and entering various competitions, picking up such accolades as runner-up young poet laureate in sixth-form and winning a sweet bicycle in a regional art competition when I was five, (which really should have been the opening image on my showreel, let's be honest)

With A-levels in Theatre, English Literature, Biology, and Psychology I somewhat inevitably found myself taking a Special Effects course at The University of Bolton. I was particularly excited by their Pyrotechnic and Animatronic modules but during my first year I found a strong affinity for CGI and Animation. My final major project combined all these elements; I built an animatronic puppet onto which I tracked a CGI set of animated eyes, and then very nearly blew up the ten-year-old library computer I tried to render it on.

I graduated with a first and managed to get into stable work within the year with a CG-generalist role on a Nat-Geo documentary with Firestep, while still working weekends at Wilkinsons, then later became fully self-employed. I have been lucky enough to work with many great studios such as Kilogramme, Flipbook, and Studio Liddell and, in the interim, have won (and helped win) several industry awards; from Big Chip Awards through to Cartridge Save's 3D Print Cup.

Recently I have been working as Lead Animator at Gelato Studios, a new company started by fellow graduate Eddy Strickland. Much of this work cannot be used on my own reel yet, but some can be seen on the official Gelato website.


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